Lauquen Reserve

Lauquen Reserve

Country of Origin: Argentina
TDS: 163
pH: 7.2
Altitude: 1750 Deep Aquifer
Discovery of Source: 2005
Availability: Available
PATAGONIA, the southern most natural resource in the world, is the home of legends -- and a unique aretesian aquafer create by nature high in the andes from pure ice and rain, and further naturally purified 1750 feet below the surface, where healthful minerals are added by nature's hand. It emerges at the surface, still absolutely pure, at a temperature of 4*C (39*F).

Hence Lauquen Reserve is a match for the most demanding connisseur's sense of taste, quality and consistancy.

Lauquen Reserve: is the perfect member refreshment resource on the polo field, between chukkers on the veranda, for guests at the clubs dining tables.

Lauquen Reserve: synonymous with the same elegance, quality of play, and prestige that is the game of kings played with the king of the game... Laquen Reserve. Also the perfect bottled mineral waters for prestige restaurants, hotels, clubs, wine shops and water bars.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$45.20 Low Mineral 250mL Still Glass Screw Cap 24 per case #LQN1
$43.00 Low Mineral 750mL Sparkling Glass Screw Cap 12 per case #LQN2
$43.00 Low Mineral 750mL Still Glass Screw Cap 12 per case #LQN3