Via Natural

Via Natural

Country of Origin: Brazil
TDS: 85
pH: 6.10
Altitude: 1312 Feet
Discovery of Source: New
Availability: No Longer Availible
If water is a dance, Via Natural is the samba. One of the world's most delicious natural waters - packaged in an eye-candy pet bottle - is now available in America. The source, called fonte sant ana, is in a remote region of falls and cataracts near Sandovalina, far west of Sao Paulo. There, Via Natural erupts in an intense flow from solid rock. It is truly virginal water, with only minor traces of dissolved solids. Already recognized by About magazine, winner of the Abre award for non alcoholic beverages, and cited at the London International Advertising Awards. Availible in three sizes for the coolest conoisseurs.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$30.03 Pure .33L Still Plastic Screw Top 24 per case #VIA1
$30.45 Pure .505L Still Plastic Screw Top 24 per case #VIA2
$30.77 Pure 1.5L Still Plastic Screw Top 12 per case #VIA3