Country of Origin: New Zealand
TDS: 120
pH: 8.5 - 8.9
Altitude: Artesian water bore hole sunk to 400 meters.
Discovery of Source: Carbon Dating: 7,300 to 15,000
Availability: Available
Pronounced "why-wear-ah" literally means hot ware, as Waiwera comes out of the ground at 53*C (127*F). Legend has it that New Zealand Maori warriors (indigenous Polyneasian people of New Zealand (Aotearos) would go to bathe in the water to recover from the rigors of battle.

Waiwera became the first "spa" in the Southern Hemisphere in the most remote corners of the world, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea: (Between Australia and New Zealand).

Famous for centuries for its therapeutic and curative properties of natural geothermal water.

The Waiwera Bottling Company was established in 1875 and like their motto says:

"Wonderful water from the way back when."

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