Country of Origin: Ireland
TDS: 272
pH: 7.70
Altitude: N/A
Discovery of Source: Recent
Availability: Available
You don't have to be Irish to love Tipperary. Tipperary was the first Irish mineral water ever to be granted Natural Miner Water status by the EU. The source in Devil's Bit Mountains is 300 feet below the surface, and the manner of percolation in this part of Ireland makes for an exceptioanlly clear water: the nitrate content is .5 mg/l. The magnesium is desirale at 25 mg/l, and the same can be said of the 17 mg/l of potassium. On the flip side of the coin, the water contains 25 mg/l of sodium, and its 7.7 pH is just on the borderline of moving toward a hint of tartness. But at the end of the day, if you want great from the Emerald Isle, it's a long way to go to top Tiipperary.

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