Country of Origin: USA
TDS: 160
pH: 6.98
Altitude: N/A
Discovery of Source: Old
Availability: Available
Saratoga Springs, a U.S. spring water, is on a par with Europe's best. It continues to be harvested from the same New York//New England mountain range since 1872. Saratoga's cobalt glass bottle is magnificent, and is availible in all sizes for both the still and sparkling versions. Saratoga also has a comprehensive array of PET palstic packagings in all sizes and styles, including sports caps. According to the company, the water is mostly distinctive for what it does not have: negligible calcium, sodium, flouride, and magnesium - and best of, a zero nitrate level. For the finest presentation of a U.S. mineral water, there is nothing to compare with the legendary Saratoga.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$31.31 Low Mineral 1.5L Still PET Screw Top 12 per case #STG1
$36.21 Low Mineral .83L Stilll Cobalt Glass Screw Top 12 per case #STG2
$36.21 Low Mineral .83L Sparkling Cobalt Glass Screw Top 12 per case #STG3