Country of Origin: Italy
TDS: 164
pH: 7.50
Altitude: 3650 Feet
Discovery of Source: Recent
Availability: Bottle No Longer Available
If you want the best looking bottle in the world and can afford it - Lynx is your first choice. The still version of this low mineral water is slightly sweet in taste. Nothing about the brand is common. The sparkling version is infused with small, tickly bubbles - an unusual quailty you'd expect only from water that is basically a work of art. Lynx has been acclaimed internationally both for the packaging, and the water.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$29.18 Very Low Mineral .75L Still Cobalt Glass Screw Top 6 per case #LYN1
$29.18 Very Low Mineral .75L Sparkling Cobalt Glass Screw Top 6 per case #LYN2