Country of Origin: Italy
TDS: 14
pH: 5.82
Altitude: 3450 Feet
Discovery of Source: Recent
Availability: Available
Lauretana begins its journey to us at over 15,000 feet from the Mount Rosa Glacier. A thirty kilometer trickle through the rarefied Alpine region eventually ends at the modern Garglia Sanctuary Spa built in 1966 on the slopes of Mombarone at 3450 feet. The original "Gragia Santuario" spa dates back to 1883 - a favorite among royalty, dignitaries, and healthy devotees. The allure of the Lauretana water is "pure" and simple: Lauretana is the most microbiologically pure natural drinking water known to the world, according to the company, and confirmed by a full survey of all brands in World-Wide-Water's portfolio. The full line of Lauretana encompases both plastic and glass in several sizes. The PET (plastic) is availible in .5L and 1.5L blue bottles. The standard glass presentations are .46 L and 1.0 L in continental green, still and sparkling. Lauretana's coup de gras is its incredbile, unique .75 L clear glass bottle designed (every bottle is etch-signed) by the famous Ferrari coachmaker Pininfarina. In the Pininfarina package, there is no bottle with a shape that compares - and inside is the purest water we know. Lauretana is the water of choice of the A.C. milan Futbol club, and is certified Kosher.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$25.46 Pure 1.5L Still PET Screw Top 6 per case #LRT1
$30.35 Pure .75L Still Fancy Glass Snap Top 6 per case #LRT2
$33.98 Pure 1L Still Green Glass Screw Top 12 per case #LRT3
$33.98 Pure 1L Sparkling Green Glass Screw Top 12 per case #LRT4
$30.35 Pure .75L Sparkling Fancy Glass Snap Top 6 per case #LRT5