Highland Spring

Highland Spring

Country of Origin: Scotland
TDS: 135
pH: 7.80
Altitude: 1398 Feet
Discovery of Source: Ancient
Availability: Available
Next time you have a scotch and water, consider what portion of the total drink is water compared to alcohol. For the best scotch and water or scotch and soda, use the best Scottish still or carbonated water. The Highland Spring source, fabled since 1503 and King James IV of Scotland, comes from the Ochil Hills regional formation of red sandstone and basalt. This formation is some 400 million years old, and encompasses the nearby Gleneagles source also. The water quality results from from a long-term filtration of fresh rainwater from the undulating heather clad slopes. Highland Spring is even lower in minerals than Gleneagles - virtually sodium-free, and nitrate-free. It is one of the elite lotw-TDS natural mineral waters on earth.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$33.59 Very Low Mineral 1.5L Still PET Screw Top 12 per case #HIS1
$34.96 Very Low Mineral 1L Still Clear Glass Screw Top 12 per case #HIS2
$34.96 Very Low Mineral 1L Sparkling Green Glass Screw Top 12 per case #HIS3