Country of Origin: Germany
TDS: 2527
pH: 5.9
Altitude: 400 ft
Discovery of Source: Old
Availability: Available
Gerolsteiner is the closet thing to taking mineral supplements. It is in the naturally carbonated classifications, with the signature low pH associated with most of the high-TDS "nat carbs", and has been a famous health tonic since 1888. Actually there are two versions, similar to the two versions availible of the great French water, Wattwiller. Gerolstiner "Sprudel" is the naturally carbonated version (currently carried by World-Wide-Waters), and a "Still Quelle", or a natural still, version is availble at times. Gerolstiener is similar in its chemistry to Apollinaris, althought it has just one-third the sodium of Apollinaris. The silica is exceptional at 40 milligrams per liter, which may not be in the purity class of the great low mineral waters, but is certainly acceptable for a "nat carb" in this TDS range. Those who adore Gerolsteiner sometimes enjoying mixing in a little raspberry or blackberry syrup.

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