Country of Origin: Japan
TDS: 140
pH: 7.80
Altitude: 2100 ft
Discovery of Source: Ancient
Availability: No Longer Manufactured
Fine has a subtle flavor found in natural waters with a volcanic origin.volcanic waters Both at a depth of 600 meters below the Fuji volcanic belt in Japan, Fine is a powerhouse of Silica, with 81.5 milligrams per liter. Water connoisseur and health devotees specifically seek out the few drinkable volcanic waters of the world for their Silica content - but what separates Fine from the others is its gorgeous ph of 7.8. Most volcanic waters come with a much lower (more acidic) pH. Moreover, Fine has a Nitrate level of only .3 milligrams per liter - among the lowest in the world.

This is a unique gourmet product - make no mistake. Both the water itself, and the sublime opaque glazed packaging bespeak Fine's elite nature. Production is limited, and the very ground above the source has been revered as a place of meditation and creativity by monks, artists, and intellectuals for centuries. The ancient hydrothemal aquifer in the Shuzenji countryside is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and mountain ranges to the west.

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