Ducale Natural Spring Water

Ducale Natural Spring Water

Country of Origin: Italy
TDS: 55
pH: 7.80
Altitude: 3116 ft
Discovery of Source: Very Old
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Ducale originates from the Apennines Mountains. It is another exceptionally pure natural water, also owned by Norda Group. The ducale line features both continental green glass bottles with old-fashioned snap tops, and new-age clear glass with screw caps, it is sold in half-liter, three quarter liter, and one liter sizes. Ducale has consistently overtaken market share from the likes of San Pellegrino because of its light, consistent taste, contrasted to the heavy mines content of certain competitors. Histroical evidence reveals Ducale used by Monastic Friars as holy water over a thousand years ago, such was the regard in which it was held. Availible in still and sparkling versions.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$33.57 Pure 1L Sparkling Green Glass Screw Top 12 per case #DUC1
$33.57 Pure 1L Still Green Glass Screw Top 12 per case #DUC2
$34.46 Pure .5L Sparkling Green Glass Screw Top 20 per case #DUC3
$34.46 Pure .5L Still Green Glass Screw Top 20 per case #DUC4