Tea Party Ice Tea

Tea Party Ice Tea

Country of Origin: USA - Boston, MA
pH: N/A
Altitude: N/A
Discovery of Source: Year 1550(+-)
Availability: Available
"Boston Tea Party" ice tea recipe was brewed as a gomage to new englands berry bogs, which quenched the pilgrims thirst fighting the British.

The pilgrims first learned of the healthful use of "Cranberry" berries in 1620 introduced by native americans as food in 1550. The original recipe of the tea party during the rebellion, throwing all tea cases found on board the ship from the East India Company, was a mixture of warm brewed tea; a cup of sugar and 6 0z. of "cranberry" juice from the local berry bogs of Massachusetts.

Our recipe at World-Wide-Waters is a bit splashier version. We brew with earl gray natural bergamont orange (a fragrant cotris friot) and cranberry-pure fruit processed from the raw fruit to retain the true character of the whole fruit.

Our "Tea Party Tea" is healthier, keeping our shape in shape, so we too can be modern Sons & Daughters of liberty. Like we like to say...

Chill it, Shake it, Enjoy it.

Makes a great gift , showcase souvenir

(After you consume it of course)

Each case of our special brewed " Boston Ice Tea" is packed 16/16 oz. bottles to the case, and can be stacked up to 72 cases per pallet.

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$60.00 Natural 16 oz. Non-Carb PET Screw Top 16 per case #TEA1