12 Bottle Sampler

12 Bottle Sampler

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TDS: Various
pH: Various
Altitude: Various
Discovery of Source: Various
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Our sampler collection of some of the world's finest imported bottled waters, both still and sparkling, provides an opportunity for our valued customres to taste sample some of our 36 brands of imported waters, from 16 different countries. Great for home or office, as well as a gift to family, friends or clients.

The 12 Bottle Sampler case contains 12 large bottles of selected waters both .75 liters and 1.0 liters depending on the product.

Our 12 Bottle Sample cases consists of the following brands;

Still Sparkling
Cape Karoo (Africa) Badoit (France)
Via Natural (Brazil) Cape Karoo (Africa)
Ducale (Italy) Ducale (Italy)
Fine (Japan) San Benedetto (Italy)
Fiuggi (Italy) Fiuggi (Italy)
SPA (Belgium) Gerolstiener (Germany)
Highland Springs (Scotland) Highland Springs (Scotland)
Lauretana (Italy) Lauretana (Italy)
Tipperary (Ireland) Tipperary (Ireland)
Hildon (England) Ramlosa (Sweden)
Ty Nant (Wales) Ty Nant (Wales)
Llanllyr (Wales) Vichy Catalan (Spain)

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Price Class Size Nature Bottle Cap Case Count Ref # Qty
$42.95 Various .75L or 1L Mixed Various Various 12 per case #SAM1
$42.95 Various .75L or 1L Sparkling Various Various 12 per case #SAM2
$42.95 Various .75L or 1L Still Various Various 12 per case #SAM3