Corporate Policy

Privacy Policy:
Although all Sales are Final, we appreciate that during shipment, mishaps can and do happen. Please do not refuse the shipment. Get a Receipt for Damages. Just let us know and our service is to stand, not behind, but along side our valued customers and resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


We are Importers/purveyors of finer high-end select bottled mineral waters from the most sun-sparkled springs across the globe....hence we take our product brands, service most seriously. Confidentiality Is crucial to protect the good name and good taste of our customers...who deserve what they desire...the best. We value your patronage.


Refund Policy:
World-Wide-Waters corporate privacy policy is never, ever will we sell or barter your name or other information regarding your Identity to any outside firm or company (especially of course, those companies marketing bottled 'filtered" municipal tap water disguised with fancy labels.


Shipping Policy:
Barring acts of Nature (earthquakes, oil spills, heavy rains, forest fires, snowstorms, tornados) and possible terrorist attacks on our extensive portfolio of select waters...we endeavor to ship our customers orders within 3-5 days from our warehouse facility. Depending upon ship to: address and method pf shipment, please allow a few days more. We can quickly track your order. In any event...the wait will be worth the reward of enjoying the purest healthiest, best tasting waters available.



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