Air Fest- 2012: Thunder Over the Empire

The two day air show following the social event attracted an astonishing 400,000 viewers and supporters of March Air Reserve Base.  Aerial performers included 729th Airlift Squardron , T-34 formation flight, CAF Warbird demo, AV-8 Marine demo, C-l7/ KCl35 Fly-bys, A-10/ F-86 Heritage flight, DC-10 Tanker/Water demo, as well as the US Navy F18 Hornet & F-6F Hellcat, U.S. Air ForceThunderbirds, amongst others. All exhibited great skill and manuverability in the air to the "thunderous" applause and delight of the attendees and was a tribute and reminder that our military forces are "top guns" in the defense of our nation.

Air Crew Members of the 729th Airlift Squadron - C-17 Pilots including
452nd. Air Mobility Wing Commander - General Karl McGregor
(Back Flow - Left to right as follows)
Lt. Colonel Paul Blenz - (729th Airlift Squadron Commander) MSGT Ward Massey
Lt. Colonel Timothy Harris(729th C-17 Demo Pilot)Lt. Colonel Brad Curtis, Major
Andy Ormiston,
Major Gary Miller, Captain Doug Ferrette, Lt. Colonel Paul Thompson (729th C-17
_ Demo Pilot)
Captain Greg Dierenfield, Captain Derrick Heath
(Front Flow - Left to right as follows)
MSGT Steve Rodriques (Loadmaster) Lt. Colonel Jeff Faley, Major Jengi
(Pilot & Society Pres.) Leon Siwek, (VIP, World-Wide-Waters) Cary Allen (Society
General Karl McGregor (452nd Air Mobility Wing Commander) and 2nd Lt. Lee

ln Memory of Laura Froehlichz