Wellness from Water



What was once called "Adam's Ale" applies to Eve;
Nature ensured that water is a basic daily requirement
for both sexes. Everybody knows that, but does everybody
know that tooth decay, thinning bones, heart disease, stroke,
diabetes, dementia, cancer and obesity are directly linked
-- for good or bad -- to whatever beverages of any kind one drinks daily?


Distinguished New York Times health columnist Jane Brody reported recently
that a panel of nutrition and health experts sponsored by a Netherlands-based
institute reviewed 146 published reports on the effect of beverages on all those
diseases. What headed the preferred drink list? Water! As Ms. Brody put it, "No calories,
no hazards, only benefits."  The panel also published a "Beverage Guidance System" to help
consumers" stop drinking their calories when those calories contribute little
or nothing to their health and may actually detract from it.

The panel did caution against falling in love with vitamin-enhanced bottled waters if only
that people might think they're getting all they need from that source. Nothing has been
added to the purer than pure waters shown on www.world-wide-waters.com
unless it was by Nature herself. Check the analyses on our website;
you'll find good health in every ice-cold sip.

"You deserve what you desire - the best."

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