Fine Waters Book

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Fine Waters: "A Connoisseur's Guide to the World'sMost Distinctive Bottled Waters" by Michael Mascha, Ph.D.


In keeping with our corporate philosophy of providing the finest imported high-end bottled mineral waters for our clients, we also feel that the client should have a "feeling" for matching water with food and wine at the dinner table or when dining out. The Free Fine Waters book is the How to : matching water with meats, poultry, seafood, cheeses.


"Popular" bottled water marketers would have you believe that "water is water is water" and that mass-marketed brands featuring filtered municipal water sources or artificially colored, fortified waters are equal to or better than what Mother Nature created. Filtered municipal water has little or no beneficial mineral content to help the body maintain proper daily balance. The others? Disguised soda pop.


If you do not wish at this time to purchase a selection of waters or participate in our Free Offer to receive a copy of "Fine Waters", we have provided a link to the book "Fine Waters" wherein you can order a copy at $24.95 plus shipping from Dr. Mascha, who would enjoy autographing your copy, too.  (Of course, it would be easier to practice matching at home with a supply of our finer imported mineral waters, right?)